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So the wrestling tournament is over (it was yesterday). I stopped posting run-up bits because they devolved into 'x' is what I ate today, 'y'is my workout plan, 'z' is how my weight is. BOOORING. (even to me). So I made my weight goal (weight class was 205, I was 203.5 at weigh-in), and I even felt good - the benefits of a relatively slow weight drop. Unfortunately I didn't win. My first match was against a wrestling coach from a local university - who happened to be 10 years younger than me and a former Division III National qualifier. Yeah, he was good - or at least much better than I was! Second match went much better, but with the same result. Another guy much younger, who does this regularly (just out of college, coaches at his HS) but I feel like I gave a good accounting of myself. I also feel that if I'm going to do this again I need better cardio - I could feel myself losing my wind early on. So, the plan is maintain nutrition, keep working out, and add more running to the routine ...I may also start playing raquetball with some people from work who have a regular game every week.

EDIT: Pics (such as I have) are up on fb.


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