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Friday we had tickets for Anthony Bourdain. The man gives god value for his audience. 90 minutes of stream-of-consciousness patter, over an hour taking questions from the audience and a lot longer signing things for fans afterward. I knew I liked the guy, but now I'm positive: he's good people.

However, Saturday I woke up feeling a bit under the weather. Low-grade temp, cough with lovely yellow chunks. Meh. So I huddled on the couch in sweats and my bathrobe. By noon the 'low-grade' temp was up to 101, and I was asleep with the heating pad cranked up and the down comforter on. By sunday morning I was living on NyQuil and tea, and wasn't even hungry ...I got up for a wonderful breakfast my lovely wife made for me, had 3 bites and went back to bed for 2 hours, completely worn out. This morning the fever was down to 100.3, so i got in to see my doc - it's a "species of flu" thanks doc, that's a polite way of telling me I'm one with the pig - the only 'species' of flu currently active is H1N1, so that kinda rules out anythign else! However, I'm over the 48 hour mark, so I can't benefit from tamiflu, so I'm just keeping up with mucinex and fluids. And let me tell you, my boss is so happy to hear that after calling in all weekend I may call in this week too.

So what a wonderful way to spend my birthday!
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