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I've mostly been doing a lot of work (at home and at work) with more Irish dance than usual and a lot of MMA. The dance time has been increased because once again we've been invited to represent our school for the North Atlantic Regional competition Thanksgiving weekend in Philly. So we've been doing 2 extra practices every week since my ankle healed. I'm startign to think we're almost ready. Work is just I still love what I do, but my boss is a yes-man twat, and has surrounded himself with brown-nosers and people who's heads are so far up his ass they look like ring-neck pheasants.
MMA has been a big stress reliever for me. MMA went well tonight - lots of stand-up hand work and no ground-n-pound, but it was still a good evenings spar. After thanksgiving I'll be going more often - I'm going to enter in the Old-Timers wrestling tournament in Batavia in March (think wrestling tournament only for the over 30 crowd) so I've got to get ready for it. Fortunately one of our other students is a wrestling coach at a local HS, so I'll get quality coaching. Post ankle injury I'm back up to 220lbs, from a low of ~205; I'll need to get back to about 200 lbs. Weight classes on the fat-guy end are 195 and 220, so I'd rather be closer to the former and rely on speed and endurance, than closer to the latter and go out feeling slow and pudgy.'s hoping!
Also, our much loved moderator has revived the writing group that I was a part of last year. I'll be posting (and have already posted) short stories based on her prompts. Feel free to comment on what you read - I write because I like to, but criticism only makes me better at what I like doing.

Be well in this holiday season my friends, be well!


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